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We offer Business Development Strategy and Opportunities in the Netherlands

International services

THTH Management is focused on organizations which:

  • Want to start in the Netherlands;
  • Combine financial /tax issues with operational activities;

Setting up your operational business in the Netherlands

THTH Management: has a broad knowledge and experience of Dutch legislation, regulations and procedures. THTH Management offers :a good and solid introduction to the Dutch markets and science communities.

We can select your business partners, find the best place to establish close to your clients, will attract talented multilingual and energetic young people, introduction to new technology, parties to finance your new opportunities in the Netherlands, has knowledge and entrances to all the necessary service providers, and experience to an extensive domestic and international network.

Your new business in the Netherlands is:

  • Set up quickly;
  • Cost effective;
  • Effectively operated;
  • Compliant;
  • Flexible;
  • Under control;
  • Self-supportive;
  • High Performancing;

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Marketresearch in the Netherlands (for the startup for your business)

Our 7 steps to get tax accorded economic substance, fiscal avalanche in the Netherlands:

  1. Market-Survey's for the Dutch /European markets.
  2. Market-Survey for new business channels & suppliers.
  3. Market- Survey for commercial representatives
  4. Search for new business partnerships.
  5. Search for new establishments places.
  6. Setup of an operational Office/Agency for the startup of business in the Netherlands.
  7. Searching necessary and qualified service-providers ie. notaries, attorneys / lawyers etc.
We offer Business Development Strategy and Opportunities in the Netherlands, within the context and conditions of the international fiscal outlines. The international business development and strategic management professionals of THTH Management are specialized to set up a business development department in the Netherlands for developing new business, in close and professional balance with the executive board of the operational company.

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